Snack Attack

Today was a good snacking day.  Go me!  Oh my goodness I was so hungry by dinner time tonight, I thought I could have eaten the fridge itself and been happy for it.

Let me remind everyone that I belong to Weight Watchers.  I have for many years and it has provided the tools I need to navigate these moments.  I knew I was getting hungry and I was gonna be a mess by time I got to dinner.  My building had a coffee social today and lunch was not ready so I didn’t have it. Our buildings services coordinator has been buying grapes as well donuts for those like me who want to skip the sweets, never mind all those nasty glutens. 🙂

So grapes its was, that and a protein bar became lunch. What I was making for lunch could be dinner. Ok.

After the social, the Editor had to go to the vet and I needed to stop at the store and get my meds and a few groceries.  The vet is next to the store so I do it all together as I’m on foot and it saves time. By time I was done with everything I knew I would need to eat within 10 getting home.  Out comes a bowl with some hummus and tzatziki. Add some peppers, carrots and tomatoes and I have taken the edge off.

Now I can think about dinner not the fridge.

Yummy Snack


Thank you Weight Watchers.


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