Picture taking on my tablet.

My tablet does not have a flash or even a high MP camera, so I never thought I would take much in the way photos with it, especially where lighting is an issue, but I’ve been playing with shutter settings to get better low light images.

I’m also looking at different applications to not only take a better picture, but to edit (resizing is important to me) images as well so I can upload them to the media library straight from whichever device I happen to be on. I prefer to take larger images as its easier to make something smaller that it is to make it bigger and still have some sort of resolution.

I also like being able to get image ideas put into action while there fresh in my mind.  It certainly saves me time later on while I’m writing my posts to be able to just grab what I want cause its already in the library. Doesn’t always work that way, but its nice when it does. So lets take a look at some of my observations about my tablet’s camera.


Dinah Holder Her Feet

Can I let go now?

The lighting here was very poor and the image suffered for it.  By the time I was able to get Dinah cleaned up enough to tell she was holding her feet the graininess of the image background was very noticeable.  This is pretty easy to avoid when processing in a full scale application like Photoshop or Gimp, I am discovering how challenging that is with a mobile device.


Beny the cat

Yes, I’m a girl.

This is Benny. Her people are good friends of mine and while I was waiting for them the other day Benny decided that she would let me take her picture. There is no central lighting in this room and is mostly lit by daylight from a picture window. The above shot has not been cleaned up so you can see the difference in the next image.


This was taken with the “night” lighting option on the Lenovo SNAPit camera app. Its a little fuzzy as I was laying on the floor looking up and my arms were getting tired trying to get the shot. The original image has not been modified in any way except to crop and reaize.  The night setting allowed more light in and really brightened the image.  The second image was to see if the lighting would change much with level correction.  Not really.

Note: I did run an unsharp mask on the second image as well, but I feel it was a little to sharp.


Dinah Knitting

I brought back your needles, *smile*

Dinah was actually sitting still and near a bright lamp so I attempted it.  I like it.  Again, aside from cropping and resizing, I have not modified this image,  I used the SNAPit app for this shot.


Tablet & BTKeyboard

My mobile life. Sometimes.

This is my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with an iKoss Bluetooth Keyboard. As you can see sometimes using a flash can also be challenging. The photo without the flash however was yellow and fuzzy.

I have learned a fair bit in the last few days about lighting and shutter settings, but my mobile editing skills still need work.  Happy snapping.

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