Photography 101: Landmark

The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska is an impressive sight indeed.  Its sad to think that this amazing natural wonder is regressing faster and faster and will be gone someday.  Not in my lifetime, but someday.

It was a beautiful mile long walk out there (and back) along a trail like path that winds through plants and trees, small woodland creatures and bridges over little streams.

When you arrive at the beach you are presented with this lake that was formed by the glacier melting as well as a waterfall that must be 50+ feet high and spewing thousands of gallons of water over it and in the center of it all is the glacier itself, with smaller icebergs are scattered about.

I wish my photos could show you the incredible blue colors in the ice.  It was just amazing.  I look forward to going to Alaska again and I would love to take the 14 day cruise that goes farther north.


I was here.





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