Photography 101: Edge

Edges… ’nuff said.

This blade is believed to a machete. However I do not know from where.  The scabbard and hilt are carved and have a Polynesian feel.   Something I found very interesting is the markings on both the top edge and flat side of the blade. I don’t know what they signify, but seem more functional than decorative.  Even the recessed areas of wood have a aesthetic element with the little holes.


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This dagger is one of my favorites  as it has a stacked leather and brass hilt.  The process is an art in itself. Disks of leather and brass shaped like washers are stacked up on the knifes tang in the order/design you want and glued together and dried under pressure.  The leather is then shaped with a lathe or a dermal.

This blade also has a sharp and pointy cap that screws onto the end of the tang.  It can also be used to inflict ouch. The balance is excellent for me and the hilt fits in my hand perfectly (you can barely see it).  I were to fight with a knife, it would be this one.


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Ok,  I really don’t know nothing about this sword.  Sadly neither did the man who gave it to me.  All we know is that it is a replica.  The blade is engraved and states that its made in India as well as some writing in a local language.  The scabbard is velvet over wood with a gold lace-like ribbon.  It is missing the securing cord.

The hilt actually looks more European to me and it maybe from the time of the British Raj.  Honestly, I have never really spend a lot of time looking into it.  I need to.

I wish the the glare could have been managed better so some of the engraving is hard to see.




November 26, 2014 · 1:27 pm

2 responses to “Photography 101: Edge

  1. Beautiful weapons collection!

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