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Daily Post: To Boldly Go…

Todays Daily Prompt wonders:

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

Hmmm good question. Lets see:

World Peace,
End to Hunger,
Nobel Prize,
Write a Famous Novel,

ok, so maybe not the novel.. 🙂

How about:

Lose another 40Lbs (already down 40),
Improve my cooking, canning, and baking skills, (I AM Susie Homemaker),
Take that cake decoration class (set for Feb.),
Tighten up my Blog, (wow, I posted for 27 days straight?!?),

Yea, that’s more like me (although Word Peace and Ending Hunger are WAY up there 😉 ).


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Daily Post: Simply Irresistible

Fresh baked bread.  ‘Nuff said.  I know from being told and from experience that you should let bread cool before cutting it.  It really does make it easier to cut.


Bring it on!

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Daily Post: Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Actully, that would be tonight.  Its 8pm and pitch black. I was waiting to get the bus after a knitters coffee social and this big ol Cadillac pulls up onto the sidewalk and in front of an abandoned building by my stop.  A guy (I think) gets outs and is checking one of the tires.  I’m not to concerned at this point, but cautious.  Then whoever it was walked around the side of the building and shook hands with someone on the otherside of the building.  Ok, now I’m concerned.

I got up and moved away, I do NOT want to be here or even see this. If that wasn’t bad enough, then some guy walking down the street starts as passes me (he did not see me I guess), says hi and walks on, only to stop by the car and talk to someone.  Eventully, the car leaves, the man walks on and thankfully my bus arrives.

I’m so changing busses.  I’m really starting to not like this stop.


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Daily Post: Inside the Actor’s Studio


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Daily Post: Food for the Soul = BFF & Pizza

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

For me that would be quiet time with my BFF. When I say quiet time, I do mean quiet time. We have coffee dates, dinner dates, and even gaming dates (we Warcraft, we Titan Quest, we kill). There are times however that we just sit. Sit in the same room and read. We may not be doing something together but we are spending time together.

I have found over the 27 years we’ve been hanging out, that those are some of the best. A time to reflect on the day, week, and what are we gonna have on the pizza. If you have never sat with a friend and done nothing that’s ok, but try it sometime and you might discover something new and amazing.


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