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My attempts to learn how to take better care of myself and still have a tasty meal :P

Chicken & Grapfruit Spinach Salad

Chicken & Grapefruit on Spinich

Chicken & Grapefruit on Spinach

I was looking for a quick lunch that I could have and still stay withing my eating guidelines this week.  I just wanted to toss it all in a bowl and go.  Ta-da salad.  I was not sure how the grapefruit was gonna play, but it worked out real nice with chicken.

It was as easy to put together as it looks.  I was very pleased with this tasty lunch and it travels wonderfully.  The juice from grapefruit also acts like a little dressing for those who do not care for a  dry salad.

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System Cleanse: Week 1

Well week 1 is finally over.  Actually it was over on Monday, but I have been slacking off for a few days.  I’m feeling pretty good.  Overall my joints have not been hurting and I have had a little more energy.  I even picked up around the apt a little.

I need to work more and making my food into something that at least attempts to look like a meal and not just components on a plate. 🙂  I did say I’ve been slacking off.

So, I was out at Little Bliss Book this morning and she has the most nummy looking Frittata on her site.  That IS what I want for breakfast. as soon as I finish this post.

This has helped a lot  in getting me into Week 2. Thanks Bliss 🙂

See ya next monday.


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Sunday Lunch: Turkey a la King

Turkey a la King with biscuits and green beans.

Turkey a la King with biscuits and green beans.

Home style Turkey a la King is OMG tasty.  I have had this many times growing up.  I think this was a great way for mom to make meals stretch some weeks.  However I had never made it.

So with some leftover turkey and a tin of refrigerator biscuits (for the gluties, I had mine over GF bread), I made Turkey a la King. To some extent its almost like making a pot pie, then you turn left and it becomes something else.  Its quite cool.

Turkey ala King plated and ready to eat.

Turkey ala King plated and ready to eat.

The dish itself was made using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose flour for thickening.  I also served it with some garden picked green beans that had been steamed then dressed in olive oil and bacon.


October 14, 2013 · 12:32 pm

Sunday Lunch: Rituals

As I sat here today preparing for my Sunday morning ritual of baking bread and rolling ideas around about what to make for my Sunday afternoon gaming group, I realized that it has become just that.  A ritual.  A good ritual.  Something that, unbeknownst to me, has become something I look forward to at the end/beginning of my week.

This is usually a time that is spent going through recipes or web blogs I hang out on.  You should see my Evernote folders…  Than I go into hyper mode and start cooking. I always seem to over think what I’m doing, AND I… lets just not go there.  I do however always seem to come up with something.  Remember, bread is often baking at that point so while the apt. is a bit stuffy, it smells oh so wonderful with whiffs of sweet or savory baked goods.
Tasty treats if you keep reading

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