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Angklung, the sounds of bamboo.

I took a cruise this year to Alaska and one of the entertainment shows was a cultural performance by the crew.  There was an audience participation piece with Angklung bamboo instruments that was just so fun and I was lucky enough to be part of it.


Here is a small video clip taken on the MS Volendam in 2013 I found on You tube to demonstrate this instrument.


This clip demonstrates the making and fine tuning of the angklung.


This lovely lady, whose name escapes me, had helped me navigate eating on ship with my food allergies several times, so I was excited to see her here. When she saw me fumbling with my camera as I was returning to the audience, she stopped and lingered as long as she could so I could get this shot. That was sweet of her.

Cultural Show with angklung

She is so beautiful.

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November 20, 2014 · 11:11 am

A Photo a Week Challenge: Flight

Arlington Air-show 1993. Arlington, WA.

Arlington Air-show 1993. Arlington, WA.

My brother’s ‘Hon-Dac’. Its an old Honda Coupe (600cc) he modified with a pterodactyl frame, wing and nose piece. This was one of two pterodactyls ultralights he flew. While he was not able to get it to ‘fly’ before he passed in the mid 90’s, he did get coverage in an aviation magazine in ’93.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Flight

Arlington Air-show 1993. Arlington, WA.

My brother once commented that he loved the pterodactyls so much because they almost flew themselves, they have such incredible lift.  He also used to cut the engine and just glide and listened to the silence while conserving gas.  He had a cloud form in his lap once, I wish I could have seen that!


Inspired by: A Photo a Week Challenge: Flight


May 4, 2014 · 11:58 am

World Dance Party – Community Dance Events

There was a community dance in our neighborhood last night that was a potluck meal and dancing (who knew?) with lots of socializing. There seems to be several different dance styles chosen for each party and instructors are there to show you the basics.  You learn as you dance and then put it all together and go straight through.  For this get-together they choose merengue, hip-hop, bhangra (Bollywod) and line dancing.

I was not sure I wanted to go and debated on the idea all day.  I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went.  I know I looked like an overweight, middle aged woman making a fool of herself, but so was everyone else. Well, maybe not the overweight part… 🙂

You wanna talk about a cardio workout?  OMG, this was it.  I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to meet new people and try different food.

I found out that these community dances happen every three months in different places.  I so want to go again.  It also got me thinking about other happenings in and around the community I live in.  I apparently have a date with Google.

So what goes on in your community and are you ready to step out of your box a little and have some fun?




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Bikers X-walk Signal

Bikers X-walk Signal

Bikers X-walk Signal in Vancouver, B.C.  This is cool.  I live in Washington State and the bikers in downtown Seattle are nutz and all over the place.

As you can see the bike lane is actually separated by median.  Bikers seem to have there own light timing as well so they go with the walkers.  This seems like a far more efficient way of doing it.

I don’t know if this is like this everywhere in B.C., but it was in downtown Vancouver where traffic was dense.


April 19, 2014 · 10:55 am

A Late New Years Post

So it’s a new year.  Wow, where did the old one go?  Anybody?

As I was saying yesterday, I spent new years eve out-of-town for the first time in years.  I went with some friends of mine up to Birch Bay, WA. to stay a couple of days at the family’s condo.  Now I personally have not been to the condo in almost 8 years.  So this was a treat to stay on the beach.  My friends also have a time share there so there was plenty of space for all of us.

I generally don’t even go out for new years.  It’s not that I don’t like it, I just like smaller events these days.  So last night the six of us crossed the street to the beach and participated in the 5th annual Birch Bay Ring of Fire & Hope.

Ring of Fire & Hope, Birch Bay

Ring of Fire & Hope, Birch Bay

They take flares and place them in the ground and light them all along the beach from one end of the bay to the other.  The bay is a large U shaped beach that is several miles long and this is an incredible view.  It is a moment of reflection for the past and the future.  As I stood there looking across the bay I wondered what that ring must look like from out at sea.  There were also paper lanterns that stood several feet tall and were lifted into the air by fire like a hot-air balloon. I’m 6’2″ and to see this large paper lantern float into the sky till was a speck smaller than a grain of rice was mind boggling.  Read On

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