Simple straw repair

I loved the metal ‘crinkle’ tumblers from starbucks that were popular last year.  There were several color combinations and one of them was a nice gunmetal gray with a matching lid and straw.  I thought that was cool until I actually used the straw and found that I did not like the metal straw.

That was a simple fix, replace the straw.  I was able to find a gray plastic straw and that was fine until it got dropped a couple of times and I broke the tip.  Finding a second gray straw was not looking good.

When faced with the prospect of going back to the metal straw or, god forbid the Starbucks green straw, there was only one solution.  Fix it myself.

All you need for this fix it a serrated knife (I used an old steak knife) and a fingernail file.

I marked the edge a bit below the break.

Tumbler Straw

Broken tip.

Support the straw against a towel so it does not roll around much and saw through the plastic with slow, but smooth motions so you don’t break/fracture the straw below you cut point.

Tumbler Straw

Sawing tip.

Use your file to level off and smooth the rough edges. I used a glass nail file and it worked very nicely.

Tumbler Straw

Sawed tip.

Tada! One fully functional straw, no extra cost.  I’m a very happy coffee drinker. 🙂



Have fun.





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Some pretty pathways I have found on various walks over the years.  I find it heartwarming to find these little gems because they remind me that the path can be anywhere and lead anywhere.  Two of theres are in moderate sized parks, but the other two are walkways into private yards.




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December 2, 2014 · 9:13 am

First snow of the year.

While checking my phones notifications yesterday morning I saw a snow advisory.  Snow? Already? So I looked outside and sure enough there was snow.

I love snow.  The crispness of it is spectacular.  So let me show you.


Deciduous trees are my favorite type of trees and when you add snow to that its just beauty waiting to happen.


November 30, 2014 · 8:33 am

Photography 101: Treasure

I found the three large crystals in this piece in a bag of broken jewelry with bits of chain still attached and are 40’s vintage.  A little rearranging of the the component clusters, tweaking with some of the jump rings , add a clasp and  we have a lovely new “Y” necklace.  The remaining beads are modern crystal.

Vintage Crystal

40’s Vintage Crystal.

My step mom turned 80 this year and she is a treasure to me, so what else could I do but give her a treasure from me.


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Photography 101: Glass

I really like the look (and sound) of water on glass.  So of course my glass project would be that.


I must have stood under this for 15 minutes or more just listening to the rain and watching the the droplets form different patterns.


The ice rink in Vancouver, B.C. has a very interesting domed cover that is glass.


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November 28, 2014 · 8:11 am