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Lean, mean, kitty climbing machine.

The Editor is indeed a lean, mean, kitty climbing machine. You would think that as she got older that she would slow down a bit. She certainly sleeps more, but nothing gets in her way when she wants to get somewhere or find something. I just love to watch her reason things out. A + B + C = Destination.

I hope I can do that when I’m a 105…. she’s 15 and my bed is about 3ft. off the floor.

Wheres my stuff?!? Damn you, you hairless one!

This one is a bit long at 3:56, but it has some cute moments. Feel free to jump ahead.

When shooting video on your phone/tablet/phablet always shoot in landscape. Its a much nicer viewing experience. 🙂

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November 2, 2014 · 4:58 pm

Simple image editing can be the difference between night and day.

I have been working with some simple image editing on the photos I take with my cell phone.  It is an amazing thing to how different and, in most cases, more balanced an image will look with just a few minor tweaks. I’m using Gimp as my editor as it is the most like Photoshop that I have found and its free.

Take this pic I took of the Editor for example.  I was standing below the deck about 8″ from her and in bright light.  The picture however looks washed out and grainy.

Image with setting dialog open

Light level settings are default.

As you can see in the light levels dialog box above there is little or no light input level present. So I gave it a bit of a tweak here by pulling both the light and dark ends in towards the middle. Not a lot, as a little goes along way.

Editor on Deck

Wow, what a difference! The color just pops. You can even see reflections and brown flecks in the Editors eyes more clearly.

Kitty licking her lip

Ok, That was tasty….

This photo was taken at the same time, but I did not get the levels that way I wanted and you can see where it is a bit darker. Both the images were sharpened a bit as well. Those are the only to things I did and they look pretty good for a cell phone photo.

I see some amazing photos around here on the blogs I read and I have to ask, what do you like to do to your photos before posting them? How much or how little do you edit? I look forward to reading your comments and posts.


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shy

The weeks nancy merrill photography challenge is: shy.

Shy Dinah

Is that a camera? Put your phone away, I know your not talking to someone.


Sam in her carrier

Is she gone? Just step away from the phone…


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Be at peace Old Man Cat

Merlyn Face

You are all so beneath me.

A few weeks Merlyn’s age started to catch up to him and he started to go down hill and as the weeks progressed it became obvious that it was time to consider euthanasia. I hate the idea of out beloved pets being in any major discomfort.

Last Friday Merlyn’s  mommy and I took the fuzz ball to the vet and held his paw as the vet helped ease any discomfort he may have been in.  While I am very sad, I am relieved that he had no major health issues, just a bad case of old.

Even at 19 he was still jumping up on the furniture. He missed a couple of times or fumbled his dismount, but still managed for the most part.

He was friendly and loving and I was blessed to be his personal assistant these last three years while he lived with me and his feline roommate Dinah (the Editor in Chief). Its been a week now and Dinah is starting to seek my attention again.  She seems to be feeling more herself again. I know this has been stressful for her as well and she has been a real champ and a great comfort to me.


Love and miss you buddy.

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Happy Birthday Old Man Cat


I’m old, what of it.


The Mamma’s Boi, commonly known as Merlyn, is 19 this month. He is still the jumper of the family and KNOWS he’s too sexy for his fur. Love ya buddy.


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April 28, 2014 · 10:58 am