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Pilsbury’s Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough

Today I tried Pillsbury’s gluten free pie and pastry dough. First may I say, awesome.

I baked the crust in a sheet for use in a napoleon. In places is was thicker than I would have liked and I was concerned it would crumble. However it did hold together well. The crust also had a very good flavor, important when a dish depends on its crust. In fact a little cinnamon and sugar and it would be a pretty passable cookie or at least a sweet(ish) treat.

Pillsbury GF P&P Dough

When you open the tub the product inside is a bit like very thick instant Mash Potatoes. The instructions say to kneed the dough until smooth and it no longer crumbles. It also says to roll out the dough between parchment paper. I agree with that. I used cellophane instead of parchment and it was a bit sticky. Parchment would be better.

Here are a few pointers to make your first attempt more successful than mine.

  • Place a damp paper towel between the counter and the first piece of parchment paper.
  • Kneed in your hands like play-doh not on the counter like bread. Really work it, the more you kneed it the easier it will roll out.
  • Roll the dough thinner than you think you will need.
  • Pastry beads will not be needed if blind baking the crust
  • Cook the crust a few minutes past when you are afraid it will burn
  • The done crust will been soft hot out of the oven but will crisp up after a few minutes on the counter.

It is definitely a product I will use again in the future. Probably OFTEN.

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Luke’s Multi-Grain & Seed Crackers

Luke's Multi-Grain & Seed  Crackers

A crisp cracker with a hearty flavor. I found these crackers to be tasty on their own as well as with a mild cheddar, both plain & flavored hummus, and tzatziki.

They were crisp enough to hold up to spreading and dipping, but not so hard you felt like you were eating cardboard. I defently want to try some of the other styles.

We found these at our local Costco.

Serving size 1 oz (28g/about 12 crackers)

Calories 140 cal
Calories from Fat 45 cal
Total Fat 5 g
Saturated Fat 0.5 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 85 mg
Total Carbohydrate 19 g
Dietary Fiber 3 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 5 g

Luke’s organic grains & Seed blend (brown rice flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, amaranth flour), organic potato starch, Luke’s organic oil blend ( sunflower, safflower and/or red palm olein), organic chia seeds, organic red quinoa seeds, sea salt

Check out these and other tasy looking products at Luke’s Organic.

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Snack Attack

Today was a good snacking day.  Go me!  Oh my goodness I was so hungry by dinner time tonight, I thought I could have eaten the fridge itself and been happy for it.

Let me remind everyone that I belong to Weight Watchers.  I have for many years and it has provided the tools I need to navigate these moments.  I knew I was getting hungry and I was gonna be a mess by time I got to dinner.  My building had a coffee social today and lunch was not ready so I didn’t have it. Our buildings services coordinator has been buying grapes as well donuts for those like me who want to skip the sweets, never mind all those nasty glutens. 🙂

So grapes its was, that and a protein bar became lunch. What I was making for lunch could be dinner. Ok.

After the social, the Editor had to go to the vet and I needed to stop at the store and get my meds and a few groceries.  The vet is next to the store so I do it all together as I’m on foot and it saves time. By time I was done with everything I knew I would need to eat within 10 getting home.  Out comes a bowl with some hummus and tzatziki. Add some peppers, carrots and tomatoes and I have taken the edge off.

Now I can think about dinner not the fridge.

Yummy Snack


Thank you Weight Watchers.

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Orange Chocolate Bread

Yea, I know. However, if you could smell my apartment right now you would change your mind. Really.

So lets put it together and see what you think.

The recipe called for chocolate chips and freshed squeezed orange juice. I just happened to a few oranges that needed to be used so I grabbed my handy ZestN’est citrus zester and the juicer and went to work. I like this zester as it contains the zest as your zesting wich makes clean up easier and storage nice.

Zested Oranges

Orange Zest.

Making orange jiuce.

Squeezing OJ.

The trick to good zest is to be firm enough to get the outer peel, but not the inner rind. The rind can be tart and bitter and I found that for me personally it overshadows the flavor of the peel. Any extra zest can also be stored in the fridge for about a week and used in other dishes or as garnishes.


Store extra zest in the fridge. The ZestN’est has a cover that fits over the grater for storage.

We add the zest and the juice to lightly beaten eggs. Add the water, oil, honey, & ACV. Mix until combined.

When all the liquids are combined add the the GF flour blend for bread of choice. I’ll list mine with the recipe.

Mixed the flour blend with liquids until completely combined, then mix in high 4 4 minutes.  The dough will almost be like a sugar cookie dough.  It is very cool to watch the transformation.  The dough also seemed to be a lighter color and not so glossy.  Add the chocolate chips and mix on low for a moment or two to fold them in and your ready to spoon into a pan.  I used some seasonal chocolate chips to see how they would work for holidays gift breads. The recipe calls for a lager pan than I have so the pictures reflect the two smaller pans I used.  I did not notice any major changes in cooking times. Be mindful of it however.

We spoon the dough into the pans and smooth out the tops. I leaned this nifty technique of dipping the spatula in water to help keep the dough from sticking to it. It helps a lot.

Bread in the pan

In the pan and ready for proofing.

One of the things I have discovered and really like about GF breads is that it only needs one rising and its not a big deal at that. So now put our loaf in a warm spot with no drafts and let it rise for about an hour or until the dough rises to the top of the pan then place in your nice toasty oven for an additional hour(ish). Turn out on a cooling rack to cool completely.

Bread on the cooling rack.

Bread on the cooling rack.

Slice and serve because bread is happing.

On the plate.

Sliced and ready to eat. No butter needed.

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Squeeze bottles, not just for shampoo.

I had the chance to buy a gallon bottle of apple cider vinegar the other day for a great sale price.  The only problem with this is that I can’t really put it in the cupboard conveniently.  The fix for that is really a no-brainer, you put some in a smaller container and refill it from the larger one.

I was in a pinch for a smaller storage bottle though.  I grabbed a squeeze bottle I had bought for something else fully believing that it was temporary fix until I found something else.

Vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

Vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

When I used it for the first time it was like “OMG! This is cool!”. It was so easy to measure into any of the small measuring utensils. No more more overflows or cap spills. I will put several of the vinegars and light oils I use into these containers.

Now that’s making your kitchen work for you.


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