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Angklung, the sounds of bamboo.

I took a cruise this year to Alaska and one of the entertainment shows was a cultural performance by the crew.  There was an audience participation piece with Angklung bamboo instruments that was just so fun and I was lucky enough to be part of it.


Here is a small video clip taken on the MS Volendam in 2013 I found on You tube to demonstrate this instrument.


This clip demonstrates the making and fine tuning of the angklung.


This lovely lady, whose name escapes me, had helped me navigate eating on ship with my food allergies several times, so I was excited to see her here. When she saw me fumbling with my camera as I was returning to the audience, she stopped and lingered as long as she could so I could get this shot. That was sweet of her.

Cultural Show with angklung

She is so beautiful.

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November 20, 2014 · 11:11 am

Lean, mean, kitty climbing machine.

The Editor is indeed a lean, mean, kitty climbing machine. You would think that as she got older that she would slow down a bit. She certainly sleeps more, but nothing gets in her way when she wants to get somewhere or find something. I just love to watch her reason things out. A + B + C = Destination.

I hope I can do that when I’m a 105…. she’s 15 and my bed is about 3ft. off the floor.

Wheres my stuff?!? Damn you, you hairless one!

This one is a bit long at 3:56, but it has some cute moments. Feel free to jump ahead.

When shooting video on your phone/tablet/phablet always shoot in landscape. Its a much nicer viewing experience. 🙂

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November 2, 2014 · 4:58 pm