Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Today we went to Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  OMG!  I swear it never gets old.

PPM Fish Market

Always fun to watch these guys trow fish,

Then again I only go once a year during tourist season and maybe once a year off season, if it can be said that we HAVE an off season :).  Its stays pretty fresh for me.

My neighbor  and I went.  It was the first time in about 2 years for her and her first time on a public bus in many years.  No serious snacking for me, but thats ok, I found I really enjoyed the smells and that was very satisfying. I did get some Chai tea and I look forward to having some tomorrow with breakfast.

Of course you can find anything from loose tea & incense to esoteric books and the Markets best Gyros and thats just on the 1st floor.  We Had fun.



The Big Brass (I think) Pig



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  1. It is always great to go out on a field trip 🙂

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